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Your data is safe with ViziWealth

Reliable infrastructure, GDPR compliance,
storage encryption
Security Concept from ViziWealth
ViziWealth application on mobile phone

How is your data protected?

  • ViziWealth is built on top of reliable infrastructure provided by Firebase and Google Cloud. The application relies on Google services certified under major privacy and security ISO and SOC standards.
  • The application and services used by it comply with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).
  • We do not ask for and store any credentials for accounts outside of ViziWealth. At this point, we provide shortcuts to some online and mobile banking solutions, but we will never store user names or passwords for you.
  • Your ViziWealth password is not stored with us, if you forget your password, we will be able to send you an email to reset it. There is a brute force prevention system configured.
  • Authentication and authorisation are done using best-practice industry standards, such as OAuth2.0.
  • Data is encrypted both in transit (between your device and our servers) and at rest (in our database).

ViziWealth application on mobile phone

Who has access to your data?

  • All data that you enter and store in ViziWealth is encrypted using best-practice encryption standards (256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard). Only an authorized user (you and the users you share with) can access the data using the application.
  • Even users you share your data with cannot modify it - it is shared as read-only.
  • ViziWealth team does not access or interact with the data you create in the application as part of normal operations.
  • We do analyze anonymous, aggregate data for internal business purposes with explicit permission by you. See our privacy policy for details.

Need more details?

Read our Security Concept paper, or just contact us.