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Grow your
customer base

ViziWealth is the place to offer your professional advice and reach more people.
Partnership Concept from ViziWealth

Be a true partner to your customers

With ViziWealth, you can bring your customer relations to a whole new level. Get an overview of your customer status, track their progress, and support them with specific tasks as they go through their financial goal setting process.

Share information with ease

No more exchanging of spreadsheets and static data! With ViziWealth, your customer can collect all their assets and liabilities, incomes and spends into a neat and flexible overview, and share it with you easily. You can then work together to analyze the data, set goals, and track progress.

Grow your brand

Stand out from the crowd and establish an innovative customer relationships flow that will create even more satisfaction and loyalty among your customers. There is no better reference than the one of a happy and loyal customer.

Enlarge your customer base

At ViziWealth we want to provide maximum value to our users. Therefore, we are looking to offer them the possibility to connect to top-notch advisers through our platform. Join us and let’s add value together!

Interested to partner with us?

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