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Organize and plan!

ViziWealth enables you to organize your wealth, and start planning your future!

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Manage different types of assets and liabilities

ViziWealth allows you to add any asset or liability that you consider important to incorporate in your net worth and share with family – bank accounts, investments, real estate, vehicles, jewellery, even company stock options, or partnership shares. Having all information in one place enables you to manage it more effectively and take decisions based on transparent data.

Model your cash flows

With ViziWealth, you can add dynamics to the overview of your personal wealth, by also modelling regular or one-time incomes and spends. You can model cash flows per asset, and create some links between them to reflect what happens in real life. For example, you can receive your salary in one asset, and use it to fund a liability or a goal. ViziWealth reminds you of pending transactions, so that you can never forget a payment that needs to be made, while also keeping an eye on what you get and what you spend.

mobile phone mockup with the viziwealth app

Set your vision and execute

Knowing what you want to achieve gives you focus and sets you on the road to success. Therefore, ViziWealth puts a special highlight on setting specific and measurable (SMART) goals. Once you define a goal, you can monitor your progress and adapt your strategy for execution. And since action is key to going forward, we have added the possibility to define tasks with due dates and notifications, so that you can organise your activity and never forget what needs to be done.

mobile phone mockup with the viziwealth app

Share and collaborate with family and partners

ViziWealth is suitable for both single users and family wealth management. It offers you the flexibility of keeping a personal financial plan while sharing relevant information with your family members, trustees or advisor. You can choose to share specific assets, goals, and tasks with up to 3 people, and collaborate on the data to make informed decisions.