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Our Beta Testing Program

What is beta testing?

Generally speaking, beta testing is a step in the software development lifecycle, in which a group of users get early access to the software to test it and provide feedback before it goes publicly available.

In ViziWealth beta testing program, we see this as a very important step to guarantee that our product is convenient and reliable, and it is optimized to the most common scenarios that you will use on a daily basis. We want to be able to pay attention to any feedback that will come from you, as our beta testers, and if needed – follow up with you to learn more. Therefore, we are doing a closed beta testing program – that is, we’ll be working with a small group or testers, so that we can make the best out of your time spent with our software. 

Vizi Wealth Better Testing

Our beta tester community

We have a long-term vision to build a community of ViziWealth supporters that goes beyond the current beta testing phase. 

If you are curious to explore new product features, willing to use the product consistently, and share frequent feedback with us, we would be happy to welcome you in this community.  

On ViziWealth side, we are committed to listen to your feedback, and use it to improve the product on an ongoing basis. We are also very grateful for your thoughts, therefore we offer some perks for our active testers: 

  • Early access to new features and improvements
  • FREE use of premium features for the first 2 years
  • Additional surprises for the most active users

Terms of participation

There are a few important points to consider when joining ViziWealth Beta Testing Program. 

  • The product is functional, and contains features that you can use to map your current financial status. However, it is still in beta phase, meaning that there might be some bugs that you could run into (and let us know about them). 
  • Since we do the program to improve the product, there might be changes based on your feedback, potentially some of them incompatible to the beta version. We cannot guarantee that all tested features will be available and unchanged in the general availability version. 
  • Joining the program means that you agree to be active and send us your feedback and comments. We might want to follow up on them and contact you back at your preferred email address. 

For more information, read the complete Beta Program Terms of Use.