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Plan your best financial future

ViziWealth is the collaborative wealth management platform for the entire family

ViziWealth application on mobile phone

Getting a grip of your finances does not have to be hard.

ViziWealth application on mobile phone

Do you know where your money goes?

Have an organized, holistic, and dynamic view of your personal finances

ViziWealth application on mobile phone

Do you feel secure for your future?

Get a peace of mind that you and your family are secured financially

ViziWealth application on mobile phone

Do you need advice for investing?

Get professional help to plan for the important events in your life

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Get full clarity on where you stand financially now, with a projection into the future. ViziWealth offers a dynamic overview of your wealth, collecting all your assets, liabilities, and cashflows into a single space to help you achieve full transparency for better decision making.

Make your dreams come true by setting and prioritizing your financial goals. Use ViziWealth to turn them into actionable plans that you can start executing today, and track your progress consistently. Refine your plans continuously and adapt until you reach your goals.

Plan your dream future with the people you love and trust with ViziWealth collaborative financial goal planner. Share relevant assets and information, and track how you are doing together, while keeping your desired level of privacy as well.

Validate and enhance your plans with support from a qualified independent financial adviser. You can share the necessary information and work together on your financial goals and recommended activities. Getting support from top-notch experts is just one click away.

Who is it for?

ViziWealth is for any individual or family who want to put their personal finances in order without using complex datasheets that are difficult to maintain.

Even for those who are just getting started with financial planning, ViziWealth guides you through the process.

young person with laptop managing financila assets

Individuals with multiple distributed assets

For organizing multiple accounts, such as bank accounts, ETFs, shares, stock options, and so on, into a neat and clear overview.

people from one family

Family people who want to collaborate

For sharing their financial overview with partners, and planning relevant goals, such as kids’ education together.

Financial advisor helping organise your cash flow

Financial advisors for better client support

For fast and easy collaboration with clients and ongoing support in financial planning and execution.

What others are saying

I was a bit skeptical at first to put all my assets together. However, I found out that with ViziWealth it's quite easy, and I could even start optimizing my portfolio with the help of a financial advisor. I definitely recommend ViziWealth as a convenient and secure tool for financial planning.
Danny, IT Specialist
IT Specialist
Finally, I have a good overview of our family net worth. I know my partner is too busy, so I keep track of what we own together, and share with them for validation.

I am so happy to get rid of the old spreadsheets.
Thanks, ViziWealth!
Alex, Self Employed
Self Employed
ViziWealth is a great way for me to plan and organize my finances as a first-year student abroad. It gives me the confidence that I know how much money I will have over a longer period when I am not at home, and if unplanned spends come, I can easily see how I need to adapt my budget accordingly.
Martina, Student

How does it work?

Starting is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

ViziWealth application on mobile phone

Create a free account

ViziWealth application on mobile phone

Gain full clarity of your current state

ViziWealth application on mobile phone

Plan your future

Safe and protected!

Your information is safe with ViziWealth. We take security and privacy very seriously.

laptop and mobile phone mockup with the viziwealth app

Get started today for FREE.

  • In ViziWealth you can always count on support from an expert to plan and execute your goals.
  • Just invite your own advisor, or request advise from one of our partner experts.
  • You can share the necessary information and work together on your goals and recommended activities.

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